5 K-Pop tunes for your summer playlist

It’s the first week of July, which means school’s out, and summer has just begun. To get you ready for the long holiday, here are this year’s top five recommended K-Pop songs that will get you pumped up and dancing your heart out:


1. EXO-CBX — Blooming Days

Blooming Days from EXO’s subunit, EXO-CBX, is an upbeat, dance-pop track that exudes cheerful vibes. With Chen, Baekhyun and Xiumin’s effusive RnB styled vocals, this popular song will no doubt get you moving to the beat.


2. BTS — So What

BTS’s song So What from their latest record-breaking album Love Yourself: Tear is about letting go of your worries and fears. The pop house track is the perfect jam to add to your summer playlist.


3. Momolamd — Bboom Bboom

Momoland has been one of the most successful girl groups so far this year all thanks to their viral hit song Bboom Bboom. Their catchy single with its fun, distinct choreography is required viewing.


4. Pentagon — Shine

K-Pop boy band Pentagon showcased their brighter side and infectious hammer dance choreography with Shine. One listen to the funky, playful tune written by members E’Dawn, Wooseok, Hui and Yuto and you’ll find yourself copying the song’s swaggering dance moves.


5. Super Junior — Lo Siento ft Leslie Grace

Prominent K-Pop boy group Super Junior teamed up with Dominican-American singer Leslie Grace and US-based production duo Play-N-Skillz for the hit trilingual single Lo Siento. The crossover between K-Pop and Latin music is what you need to listen to this summer.


Please note: The above article was originally published on Gulf News tabloid! and written by the owner of this site. 

K-Pop band BTS: A global phenomenon explained

South Korean boy group BTS may seem like most other K-pop groups with multi-coloured hair, flawless complexion, colour-coordinated fashion and charismatic visuals.

However, underneath the perfectly-packaged group of seven is a rising act breaking the mold in the highly manufactured K-pop industry, turning them into household names.

Much to the surprise of many, BTS, an acronym for Bangtan Sonyeondan, which loosely translates to Bulletproof Boy Scouts or their rebranded English name Beyond The Scene, made history by becoming the first K-pop boy group to perform at the 2017 American Music Awards, where they slayed with a mind-blowing performance of their popular Korean track DNA from their fifth record-breaking and award-winning EP, Love Yourself: Her

Their collaboration with rapper Desiigner and DJ and producer Steve Aoki for a remix version of BTS’s song Mic Drop jumped to No. 1 on the World Digital Song Sales chart and debuted at No. 28 on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart for nine weeks, making them the highest-charting K-pop group.

Last week, the group announced their Love Yourself world tour and shared dates for shows in 11 cities throughout Asia, North America, and Europe. More dates and cities are expected to be announced. The group will become the first-ever K-Pop group to perform at the Billboard Music Awards on May 20 in Las Vegas, where they are nominated again for the Top Social Artist award (they won last year).

BTS is not only making K-pop history by recently becoming the first K-pop group to have both tracks Mic Drop (remix) and DNA certified gold by the Recording Industry Association of America (RIAA), but also their first-time appearances on popular American TV shows such as The Ellen DeGeneres Show, The Late Late Show with James Corden, Jimmy Kimmel Live! and Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve 2018 with Ryan Seacrest and historic rankings on the Billboard charts may prove that they’re arguably the hottest K-pop act around the world.

Unlike Psy’s 2012 mega-hit song Gangnam Style, Admin Kim, head admin of UAE’s main BTS fandom account, BTS UAE, believes that the chart-topping K-pop group is “not a viral artist that had one catchy song that trended worldwide”.

“People might easily dub them as just a trending topic that’ll pass by or some hyped up boy band but I think that is not the case,” she adds.

BTS didn’t emerge under the three big agencies that dominate the industry — SM Entertainment, JYP Entertainment and YG Entertainment — from which the most successful, perfectly-groomed idols have emerged. They debuted under a relatively small record label and management agency, Big Hit Entertainment.

Before being recruited by the agency, rappers Suga and RM and dancer J-Hope were all part of the underground scene, while Jimin was a top student in modern dance. V wasn’t thinking of auditioning until he was encouraged by one of Big Hit’s rookie groups.

Jin, who is the oldest member of BTS, was talent-spotted while attending university. The last of the seven band members, Jungkook, had failed to advance in a popular singing competition, Superstar K3.He subsequently rejected offers from seven major music labels to become BTS’s youngest member, because he thought RM was “so cool”.

When they officially debuted in 2013, they were called “dirt-poor idols”, reflecting their non-traditional pathway, but quickly proved their worth through their music by tackling head-on controversial and personal topics, which makes the group a standout among the genre.

“They’ve surpassed the language barrier and the usual love concept in the music industry and went for topics we all relate to,” says Fadhela Manar Mezmaz, a dentistry college student and admin of Algeria’s main BTS Twitter fan base, BTS Algeria.

Twenty-year-old university student, Erij Raach, who is the creator of Tunisian-based BTS fan account, BTS Tunisia, says that their socially conscious lyrics is “the most important factor” that made her a huge fan.

“They are that band that makes you find the real ‘you’ through their music”, Raach adds.

For some fans, BTS’s music changed their lives and healed them on a deeper level.

“I went through a hard time a year ago,” says Belhadef Nora, Algerian-based primary school teacher and an admin of BTS Algeria. “I lost hope in life and almost fell in darkness but their music saved me and made me a strong person. Thanks to them I can now face the world without any fear. They just taught me how to be true to myself how to love myself.”

Twenty-two-year-old Maha Rkhissi, a college student and admin for Morocco-based fan Twitter account, BTS Morocco, said that BTS’ music has also helped her through depression, especially their Most Beautiful Moment in Life album, as it deals with “mental health and a lot of other youth issues”.

“I feel like their music has a purpose, it is not just bubbly pop to jam to,” says Ms Rkhissi.

Each of the seven members, in particular Suga, J-Hope and RM, are more creatively involved in composing lyrics and producing their perfectly distinct dance, hip-hop and EDM-infused sound that goes along with their synchronised, elaborate choreography on stage and in music videos.


Part of the septet’s appeal is that they give fans an intimate access of them entertaining themselves backstage, reacting to their own music videos, opening up about their worries and thoughts and much more, through their V Live channel and their Bangtan Bomb web videos.

They are also known for their proactive presence on social media ever since their pre-debut days. Twitter unveiled its 2017 year-end roundup, revealing that BTS is the most tweeted-about music artist in the US and the most tweeted celebrity globally. They even earned a spot in the Guinness World Records 2018 edition for most Twitter engagements for a male music group.

Up against popular American artists at last year’s Billboard awards, where they were crowned Top Social Artist in the fan-voted category, dedicated fans, who go by Army — Adorable Representative MC for Youth — supported and proved their admiration for BTS by tweeting #BTSBBMAS more than 300 million times.

“We create accounts and do mass votes together with our fellow Army around the world with our blood sweat and tears because we consider them as friends more than artists we are fan of,” says Walaa Abd Elatti Mohammad Nour, twenty-eight-year-old Sudanese Army member from S. O. A, Sudan’s main BTS Twitter fan account.

It’s a devotion that the band is patently aware of, never forgetting to thank ARMY when collecting their awards.

“They know exactly how to interact with fans and make us feel like a close family,” says twenty-one-year-old Tunisian university student Amel Kadri from BTS Tunisia.

They might be conquering the US music charts but BTS has also reached fans’ hearts in the Middle East. UAE iTunes store and Anghami both released the rising superstars’ best-selling album Love Yourself: Her and MIC Drop remix online, which in return has made them the first and only K-pop group to surpass over 14 million plays on Mena’s largest music platform.

Not only has their hit single DNA been played on Virgin Radio Dubai and Radio 1 UAE after mass request by fans but also their Mic Dropremix track “has been charting daily on Virgin Radio Dubai’s top hits in the whole country”.

“Their company Big Hit Entertainment also shared the news which mentioned that UAE is one of the 10 countries around the world with their new track ‘Crystal Snow’ as the No. 1 song on the iTunes chart,” says Admin Kim from BTS UAE.

Because BTS helped their fans one way or another, Armys are always eager to repay them for their love and constant hard work.

“The simplest thing we can do to give back is by making them top the charts and help their goals and dreams become a reality,” says Admin Ren from BTS UAE.

“Seeing them happy and go far is what makes all the ARMYs happy.”

After the release of their album, BTS entered a two-year partnership with United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on a campaign called LOVE MYSELF to #ENDViolence against children and teenagers.

BTS went on to win Artist of the Year at the 2017 Mnet Asian Music Awards for the second-year in a row as well as Daesang or Grand Prize awards at this year’s Seoul Music Awards and Golden Disc Awards and many more awards.

With all their accomplishments and philanthropic work, twenty-one-year-old Heba Emad, who solely runs a fan account, Egyptian ARMY, in Egypt, says that this is only the start.

“BTS still have a lot to show, more awards to win, more records to break, more hearts to steal, and more concerts to hold,” she says.

Please note: The above article was originally published on Gulf News tabloid! and written by the owner of this site. 

Interview with …. Arab Sones

Girls’ Generation, aka SNSD, is undeniably one of the highly recognized and best-selling K-Pop girl groups in South Korea. Their 2009 hit bubblegum song Gee, gained them attraction in their homeland and beyond. They continued to sweep up the charts, win awards and release hit songs like Genie, Mr.Mr., Hoot, The Boys, Run Devil Run, and many more, with the help of their loyal fans, who go by Sones.

Meet the Arab Sones and admins behind the official Twitter Arab fan account @ArabSone9.

They share with me why they like the superstar girl group, what they worked on for SMTown concert, the gifts they sent to them and many more.

Hello! Tell me more about yourself and the admins as well as the @ArabSone9 Twitter account? Why did you decide to create an Arab Girls’ Generation fan account?

Hi^^ we’re 10 admins from different countries

Admin Nourah: Hello?

I’m Nourah from Kuwait and I’m 18 years old. I became a sone in 2008 and that was the best thing I ever did in my life?.

Admin Fajer: Hello ?

I’m Fajer from Kuwait and I’m 25 years old. I became a sone in 2011 and I’m still a sone till the end of my life. I really love this group so much and I really enjoy their music

Admin Rahaf Als: Hello ♥️!

I’m Rahaf/راهف  from Saudi Arabia ?? i’m 21 years old. I became a sone in 2009 and I’ll always be a sone. SNSD is the source of my happiness and I’m so blessed that i knew them and i loved them because they are THE BEST.

Admin Rahaf Alj: Hello!

I’m Rahaf and I’m from Kuwait. I’m 18 years old. I became a sone in 2012. My bias is Sooyoung and I really love Girls Generation.

@Arabsone9 was created in July 8th 2014.

The reason why we created this account is that we wanted to communicate with all of Arab sones easily and translate SNSD’s news for them.

Since there’s a lot of Arab sones and a lot of people who love Girls’ Generation, we decided to create this account to let many people know more about them, to post every single new & update about the members and to support them of course!

@Arabsone9 is not just an account for us , can we say it’s our daily routine? we spend all the day long in the account. Even from this account the admins became so close to each other.

We even communicate with each other daily ! Like calling and chatting. Last but not least we hope to keep running this account for along time.

We want to make many people know this great girl group which is Girls’ Generation and enjoy their music just like we do!

Who are mostly your followers? (Nationality, gender, age groups etc…)

Admin Fajer: There are many followers from so many different countries

But the most are from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and about the gender mostly are females without a specific ages because they are divided from teenagers to adults

What made you become interested in Girls’ Generation and when would you say you first became a Sone?

Admin Nourah: I saw SNSD for the first time in 2008 on korea tv channel , the channel was airing their songs so I liked them a lot and their singing abilities amazed me , so I started searching about them on YouTube I watched their first reality show called ( girls go to school ) and because of it I liked their personalities then officially I became a sone , SNSD is the first kpop group that I liked until now.

Admin Rahaf Alj: I knew SNSD in 2009, but I wasn’t interested in Korean pop. After three years my friend told me about the korean pop and she showed me a video of korean band. Then I searched about korean pop in general. Then SNSD attracted me , so that’s how I became a Sone, and I really can’t wait to see them.

Admin Fajer: I’m a sone since 2011 , I was enjoying my time on YouTube watching random videos then suddenly I noticed their song gee I was curious about it but after I watched the music video I found myself searching more and more about them until I decided officially to become a sone !

Admin Rahaf Als: I became a sone after listening and watching to their song gee. When I watched it for the first time my love for them growing a lot since that moment and I’ll be a sone forever.

Although some members have left SM Entertainment to pursue other activities, you still share all the members’ news and updates with your followers. Why is that?

Admin Nourah: We became sone when SNSD used to have 9 members, we stayed with them days and years! We loved each member in special way.

We can’t hate any member for any reason!

Wether if one of them left the group to focus in her own life or to make her own solo we will still support her and we will update the all members news

And about the members who left SM recently they’re still in Girls’ Generation

What do you like most about Girls’ Generation?

We like everything about them , their performances , songs , fashions and personalities.

As a group they are perfect in many ways like their voices , their perfect vocals and the things that makes SNSD always special is their different concepts and their unique songs!

What we like the most is their strong relationship between them, especially when they gathered together to celebrate Sooyoung’s birthday together at Tiffany’s apartment even though the three members left the company.

What songs would you recommend for those who are new to the K-pop girl group?

Admin Nourah: Into the new world and All night

Admin Fajer: Lion Heart and Genie

Admin Rahaf Alj: Love is bitter and The boys


Any projects (posters, fan chants etc…) you worked on for the SM Town concert in Dubai that you can share with us?

Admin Nourah: Yes of course! We worked on a lot of projects for the SMTown concert in Dubai. Here are the projects that we prepared:
We gave 1 thousand small banners for the Sones, and of course we gave it to the other fans!
And we already gave 3 banners to Hyoyeon,Yoona and Taeyeon.
What was written on the small banners is
“Thank you for coming and making our dream come true“
We also made one huge banner , we wrote on it
“Stay together sailing into the new world, with you who made our life complete“.
The second project is the gifts for all the 8 members, we’ve already bought the gifts for each member from swarovski and the gifts contain Sone’s letters, and we are so happy that we gave them our gifts??.

What did you think of the SMTown concert and seeing the members live? How were you all feeling at the moment? 

Admin Nourah: The concert was really great and even SM Artists were so great on the stage, but we hoped for a group stage for SNSD. However, their solo stages were great too !
Their voices can’t be described so amazing and they’re so beautiful !
Before the concert day I met hyoyeon accidentally and I was able to give her our gifts and she smiled at me a lot, I really wanted to speak with her more but I was so nervous and shocked but just seeing her made me so happy , honestly I feel like its a dream I can’t believe that I was able to see and meet our girls , and its my second time seeing taeyeon but this time she was so close !??
Our girls are really pretty and it can’t be described in words

Have you worked on any other projects for Girls’ Generation? Do you collaborate with other Girl’s Generation accounts around the world and send gifts, display posters etc…?

Yes! Back on time when Taeyeon came to the UAE, we gave her a necklace made out of gold, but we couldn’t give her while she was in UAE, so we sent it to Korea, so we are not sure if she received it or not!

The second gift was for Taeyeon too. We made a food support for her comeback “Why” for her and her team.

We actually planned for a lot of projects for the whole members and the soloist members but we couldn’t do them for some reasons. Wait for us in future for a lot and bigger projects.

Is there anything that you’d like to add or share with readers?

Admin Rahaf Alj: First of all thank you for giving us the chance for being a part of this interview! Secondly, we would like to share our experience with you guys, seeing our favorite idols in real life was like a dream! We still can’t believe that we saw Girls Generation members in real life we were so happy to had that amazing experience!
Finally, we hope to see our favorite idols again in different Arab countries in future.
At the end we hope you enjoyed reading our interview and thank you so much for reading it!

SNUPER held a super performance at Ajman University

The screaming of young girls and multicolored glowing light sticks and banners filled the air as soon as a small video introduction of each member of K-pop boy band SNUPER was played on a screen in an auditorium at Sheikh Zayed Center for Conferences & Exhibitions in Ajman University.

It was not only when Su Hyun, Sang Ho, Woo Sung, Sang Il, Se Bin and Tae Woong equally entered the hall from opposite sides and walked towards the stage while singing their title song You = Heaven, from their first single album Compass, that passionate fans released even louder screams at the sight of their favorite idols.

The six members took little a break to introduce themselves after singing their hit retro song Platonic Love and impressed their fans, officially known as Swings, with their choreography and signature music style.

Amid shrill hysteria, the members dressed in green and white attire continued to showcase their impeccably choreographed dance routines without losing vocal range, and even stepped off stage during one of their performance to get closer to enthusiastic fans.

During their free mini concert, Se Bin, the group’s purple-haired rapper, briefly demonstrated his Taekwondo skills to the crowd.

In attempt to get closer with their fans, each member handpicked one of multiple colorful sticky notes, filled with questions written by Swing, on a whiteboard, and invited the lucky questioners on stage to personally present them with a gift.

The photogenic group ended their concert by singing upbeat tracks Shall We Dance and The Star of Stars from their debut mini album and 4th repackaged mini album, respectively.

SNUPER delivered a fun, super performance with a total of seven songs and announced that they are set to release their new mini album April 24th.