Interview with …. Arab Sones

Girls’ Generation, aka SNSD, is undeniably one of the highly recognized and best-selling K-Pop girl groups in South Korea. Their 2009 hit bubblegum song Gee, gained them attraction in their homeland and beyond. They continued to sweep up the charts, win awards and release hit songs like Genie, Mr.Mr., Hoot, The Boys, Run Devil Run, and many more, with the help of their loyal fans, who go by Sones.

Meet the Arab Sones and admins behind the official Twitter Arab fan account @ArabSone9.

They share with me why they like the superstar girl group, what they worked on for SMTown concert, the gifts they sent to them and many more.

Hello! Tell me more about yourself and the admins as well as the @ArabSone9 Twitter account? Why did you decide to create an Arab Girls’ Generation fan account?

Hi^^ we’re 10 admins from different countries

Admin Nourah: Hello?

I’m Nourah from Kuwait and I’m 18 years old. I became a sone in 2008 and that was the best thing I ever did in my life?.

Admin Fajer: Hello ?

I’m Fajer from Kuwait and I’m 25 years old. I became a sone in 2011 and I’m still a sone till the end of my life. I really love this group so much and I really enjoy their music

Admin Rahaf Als: Hello ♥️!

I’m Rahaf/راهف  from Saudi Arabia ?? i’m 21 years old. I became a sone in 2009 and I’ll always be a sone. SNSD is the source of my happiness and I’m so blessed that i knew them and i loved them because they are THE BEST.

Admin Rahaf Alj: Hello!

I’m Rahaf and I’m from Kuwait. I’m 18 years old. I became a sone in 2012. My bias is Sooyoung and I really love Girls Generation.

@Arabsone9 was created in July 8th 2014.

The reason why we created this account is that we wanted to communicate with all of Arab sones easily and translate SNSD’s news for them.

Since there’s a lot of Arab sones and a lot of people who love Girls’ Generation, we decided to create this account to let many people know more about them, to post every single new & update about the members and to support them of course!

@Arabsone9 is not just an account for us , can we say it’s our daily routine? we spend all the day long in the account. Even from this account the admins became so close to each other.

We even communicate with each other daily ! Like calling and chatting. Last but not least we hope to keep running this account for along time.

We want to make many people know this great girl group which is Girls’ Generation and enjoy their music just like we do!

Who are mostly your followers? (Nationality, gender, age groups etc…)

Admin Fajer: There are many followers from so many different countries

But the most are from Saudi Arabia and Kuwait and about the gender mostly are females without a specific ages because they are divided from teenagers to adults

What made you become interested in Girls’ Generation and when would you say you first became a Sone?

Admin Nourah: I saw SNSD for the first time in 2008 on korea tv channel , the channel was airing their songs so I liked them a lot and their singing abilities amazed me , so I started searching about them on YouTube I watched their first reality show called ( girls go to school ) and because of it I liked their personalities then officially I became a sone , SNSD is the first kpop group that I liked until now.

Admin Rahaf Alj: I knew SNSD in 2009, but I wasn’t interested in Korean pop. After three years my friend told me about the korean pop and she showed me a video of korean band. Then I searched about korean pop in general. Then SNSD attracted me , so that’s how I became a Sone, and I really can’t wait to see them.

Admin Fajer: I’m a sone since 2011 , I was enjoying my time on YouTube watching random videos then suddenly I noticed their song gee I was curious about it but after I watched the music video I found myself searching more and more about them until I decided officially to become a sone !

Admin Rahaf Als: I became a sone after listening and watching to their song gee. When I watched it for the first time my love for them growing a lot since that moment and I’ll be a sone forever.

Although some members have left SM Entertainment to pursue other activities, you still share all the members’ news and updates with your followers. Why is that?

Admin Nourah: We became sone when SNSD used to have 9 members, we stayed with them days and years! We loved each member in special way.

We can’t hate any member for any reason!

Wether if one of them left the group to focus in her own life or to make her own solo we will still support her and we will update the all members news

And about the members who left SM recently they’re still in Girls’ Generation

What do you like most about Girls’ Generation?

We like everything about them , their performances , songs , fashions and personalities.

As a group they are perfect in many ways like their voices , their perfect vocals and the things that makes SNSD always special is their different concepts and their unique songs!

What we like the most is their strong relationship between them, especially when they gathered together to celebrate Sooyoung’s birthday together at Tiffany’s apartment even though the three members left the company.

What songs would you recommend for those who are new to the K-pop girl group?

Admin Nourah: Into the new world and All night

Admin Fajer: Lion Heart and Genie

Admin Rahaf Alj: Love is bitter and The boys


Any projects (posters, fan chants etc…) you worked on for the SM Town concert in Dubai that you can share with us?

Admin Nourah: Yes of course! We worked on a lot of projects for the SMTown concert in Dubai. Here are the projects that we prepared:
We gave 1 thousand small banners for the Sones, and of course we gave it to the other fans!
And we already gave 3 banners to Hyoyeon,Yoona and Taeyeon.
What was written on the small banners is
“Thank you for coming and making our dream come true“
We also made one huge banner , we wrote on it
“Stay together sailing into the new world, with you who made our life complete“.
The second project is the gifts for all the 8 members, we’ve already bought the gifts for each member from swarovski and the gifts contain Sone’s letters, and we are so happy that we gave them our gifts??.

What did you think of the SMTown concert and seeing the members live? How were you all feeling at the moment? 

Admin Nourah: The concert was really great and even SM Artists were so great on the stage, but we hoped for a group stage for SNSD. However, their solo stages were great too !
Their voices can’t be described so amazing and they’re so beautiful !
Before the concert day I met hyoyeon accidentally and I was able to give her our gifts and she smiled at me a lot, I really wanted to speak with her more but I was so nervous and shocked but just seeing her made me so happy , honestly I feel like its a dream I can’t believe that I was able to see and meet our girls , and its my second time seeing taeyeon but this time she was so close !??
Our girls are really pretty and it can’t be described in words

Have you worked on any other projects for Girls’ Generation? Do you collaborate with other Girl’s Generation accounts around the world and send gifts, display posters etc…?

Yes! Back on time when Taeyeon came to the UAE, we gave her a necklace made out of gold, but we couldn’t give her while she was in UAE, so we sent it to Korea, so we are not sure if she received it or not!

The second gift was for Taeyeon too. We made a food support for her comeback “Why” for her and her team.

We actually planned for a lot of projects for the whole members and the soloist members but we couldn’t do them for some reasons. Wait for us in future for a lot and bigger projects.

Is there anything that you’d like to add or share with readers?

Admin Rahaf Alj: First of all thank you for giving us the chance for being a part of this interview! Secondly, we would like to share our experience with you guys, seeing our favorite idols in real life was like a dream! We still can’t believe that we saw Girls Generation members in real life we were so happy to had that amazing experience!
Finally, we hope to see our favorite idols again in different Arab countries in future.
At the end we hope you enjoyed reading our interview and thank you so much for reading it!

Interview with …. Arab Cassiopeia

Dubbed as “Asia’s Stars” and “Kings of K-pop”, TVXQ!, short for Tong Vfang Xien Qi, are a K-pop duo that consists of U-Know Yunho and Max Changmin. Originally debuted as a five-member in 2003, TVXQ! have been actively promoting as a duo since 2011 and continue to top the charts in Korea and Japan. They have a hugely loyal fanbase, Cassiopeias, around the world and in the MENA region.

NorahSaharJumanah and Norah are the four Saudi Arabian girls, ranging from 24 to 26 year-olds, handling a dedicated TVXQ! Arab fan account @TVXQArabFans on Twitter. The majority of their followers are Saudi Arabian females in their late tens to early thirties.

“The reason behind us deciding to create this account and build a support platform 4 years ago is to contribute in helping TVXQ’s art reach as many Arabs as possible and to introduce the duo to their Arabic fanbase,” they add. “Thus, we have allocated a certain amount of time to translate the duo’s song lyrics, interviews, and other activities on a daily basis.”

What about TVXQ first caught your attention?

Uniqueness. We have all grown up with all types of arts and entertainment surrounding us but the kind TVXQ are providing is different. They put their own magic into simple songs turning them into master pieces. Adding to that the attractiveness of their polite and funny personalities.

What has been your favorite memory of TVXQ throughout their career?

Stumbling upon TVXQ for the first time has always been a favourite and precious memory. However, a new favorite memory shall be created once we actually meet them for the first time in SMTown Concert in Dubai.

“They are so passionate and determined about singing, performing, touching people’s heart with music, and spreading hope and happiness.”

What do you like most about the K-pop duo?

Their passion; they are so passionate and determined about singing, performing, touching people’s heart with music, and spreading hope and happiness. They have never given up on their musical dreams no matter how many times they were turned down and pushed back to the starting point.

What songs would you recommend for those who are new to TVXQ?

With the kind of art TVXQ create, it’s really hard to choose a few songs, but if we have to do so then we would recommend:

– Catch Me
– Spellbound
– Something
– I Swear
– Before you Go
– Off-road
– She
– Rising Sun
– Why ~ Keep Your Head Down

Please keep in mind that this list might change once TVXQ make their most annticipated comeback in the 28th of March with their 9th full-length album.

Is there anything in particular that you would like people to know about them?

We would like people to get to know their personalities. They have two opposite personalities that complement each other so well. Therefore, we recommend watching their interviews on different variety shows.

“They have never given up on their musical dreams no matter how many times they were turned down and pushed back to the starting point.”

Any projects (posters, banners, fan chants etc…) you’ll be working on for the SM Town concert in Dubai that you can share with us?

Yes, our project consists of all the examples you have mentioned; banners, fanchants, balloons, and lightsticks. We are also planning to send the duo a special welcoming gift from thier Arab fans.

What are you looking forward to mostly from their performance?

Their way of dominating the stage with their singing, dancing, and interaction with the fans. We are also looking forward to TVXQ talk-segment to see if they have learned any Arabic words/phrases to communicate with us more intimately.

Do you collaborate with other TVXQ accounts around the world on projects such as send gifts, create banners, display posters outdoors etc…?

Yes, we have done several projects for TVXQ before with the help and collaboration of different fans from all around the globe. For example, we are part of a world-wide project for TVXQ upcomimg record-breaking performance on Nissan Stadium.

If you had a chance to sit down with them, what would you like to ask them or tell them?

We would tell them about how much they are loved and looked up to by the Middle Eastern fans and they are the reason behind the happiness many of us are feeling.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked?

Not really. Thank you for your time. We really appreciate you reaching out to us and providing us this opportunity to voice out our opinion about and emotions toward TVXQ.

Interview with …. Arab Shawol

You might have heard of SHINee, one of South Korea’s biggest K-pop boy bands. Formed by S.M. Entertainment, the quintet – Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key – have gained popularity ever since their debut in the K-pop scene in 2008. This in return has earned the title ‘Princes of Kpop’ in their native country. Not only are they known for their complex dance moves, but they are considered one of the best live vocals K-pop groups. Their official color is Pearl Aqua.

They also have dedicated fans, who are referred to as Shawols, around the world and the MENA region is no exception. Since SHINee is coming to Dubai for the SMTown concert, I had a chance to interview admins of their official Arab Twitter fan account @SHINeeAR, to know more about SHINee’s fans, when they became interested in the K-pop group, what they like about each member and what they have planned for the concert in Dubai next month.

Hi there, can you tell me more about yourself and the admins as well as the @SHINeeAR Twitter account? Why did you decide to create the SHINee fan account?

Uhood: Hello, my name is Uhood from SA, admin in SHINeeAR since 2012.

SHINeeAr started as a way to help fans know more about SHINee and we are thrilled to have been active for so long, since 2010 to date.

Hind: Hello, my name is Hind from UAE, admin of SHINeeAR since 2014.

Taghreed: Hello, my name is Taghreed from SA, admin of SHINeeAR since 2015.

I started translating at this account because I really love SHINee and I want people who love them to know their latest news etc.

Who are your followers? (Nationality, gender, age groups etc…)

We have 91% of the followers are females and 9% are males.

The followers from all of States Arabic, but the most is from Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Iraq. There are also followers from Turkey, Sweden and USA.

The ages range between 17-29 years old.

What made you become interested in SHINee?

Uhood: Lucifer MV.

Hind: I saw Ring Ding Dong MV and I thought they were so cool.. after that, I searched for their videos and I fell in love with them.

Taghreed: I knew SHINee since I was really young and I liked their music so much. Then I got to know who they are and how their relationship and their personalities and how hardworking they are. They’re always making me feel overwhelmed and happy.


“The members are just so caring about shawols (SHINee fans). SHINee is one of the most caring groups when it comes about the fans” – Uhood

When would you say you first became a Shawol?

Uhood: already know SHINee since 2008, they were the first group I heard and I became a fan of SHINee since 2010.

Hind: I liked them since 2010 but I think that I became a true shawol in 2012.

Taghreed: I became a shawol since 2010 after I saw their Ring Ding Dong MV.


What do you like most about each member?

Uhood: Ummm …I love SHINee so much because their relationship is so amazing. They all love each others and you can see that they are real friends, like brothers.

Hind: I like their personalities and their visuals but if I have to specify (the first thing I like about each member):

Jinki: his smiling face
Jonghyun: his eyes and his gaze
Kibum: his style
Minho: his charismatic personality
Taemin: his childish and baby face

But honestly I like and love everything about them.

Taghreed: I love how they are so respectful and polite and hardworking even after 10 years of their debut, onew is always happy and giving people around him this warm feeling. Jonghyun is so talented and hardworking and kind. Key is so hardworking and he is always doing new stuff and trying to communicate with the fans in any possible way. Minho is so soft and heartwarming. He always takes care of everyone around him. Taemin is so talented and hardworking. He always tries new stuff and really knows how to make the fans happy.

How is SHINee different from other K-pop boy groups? What do you like most about them?

Uhood: The members are just so caring about shawols (SHINee fans). SHINee is one of the most caring groups when it comes about the fans.

Hind: I don’t know how and why they are different but they are so talented.. after loving them I lost my interest in other groups.. I like their music and their songs.. I like their vocals and their harmony.. I like the way they move and dance.. I like their strong relationship and their personalities.. I like their polite behavior with us and with others.. I like everything about them..

Taghreed: To me, SHINee is so different because their music is different, their relationship is different and their aims are different, they REALLY love shawols and they really care about them and they are so polite and respectful to everyone.


“I’m really looking forward to SHINee’s reactions because they will see that they have alot of fans in Arabic countries who are waiting for them and will support them no matter what” – Taghreed

Any projects (posters, fan chants etc…) you’ll be working on for the SM Town concert that you can share with us?

We’re still in the planning stage, but, yeah this year is SHINee’s 10th anniversary of debut 😉

What are you looking forward to mostly from their performance?

Uhood– Looking forward to SHINee’s live performance of Replay.

Hind– I think that their performance will blow my mind … I’m looking forward to it.

Taghreed–  I’m really looking forward to SHINee’s reactions because they will see that they have alot of fans in Arabic countries who are waiting for them and will support them no matter what.

Have you worked on any other projects for SHINee? If so, what are they?

There are some projects we did with international fans, but we are preparing for the most important project. Will be announced later.

If you had the chance to meet SHINee, what would you tell them?

Uhood: I will tell them I love so much, I will always be with them and thank you for giving my life a taste.

Hind: I won’t have the ability to speak!! But if it happens, I want to express my feelings and my love to them + I will support them always and I will stand by their side. Also, I want them to know that they were my strength when I had a hard time and I’m really proud of them. They are my hope. I’M PROUD TO BE A SHAWOL.

Taghreed: I will tell them that I really love them and I’m so proud of them and glad to be their fan.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked?

I’d like to thank @ArabJongYu @Arabtaemints for helping all fans in Arab countries to get SHINee’s albums and goods and thank you to @ShawolSubTeam (arabic translation for SHINee’s videos and tvshow) @ArabJongYu @Arabkeybum @arabchoiminho and @Arabtaemints.

Instagram (SHINee_arab) and Twitter (@shin5545) and lets spread love to our shining boys and thank you Samar! I hope you are attending SMT’s concert and watch SHINee’s performance. You will enjoy with SHINee.