SNUPER held a super performance at Ajman University

The screaming of young girls and multicolored glowing light sticks and banners filled the air as soon as a small video introduction of each member of K-pop boy band SNUPER was played on a screen in an auditorium at Sheikh Zayed Center for Conferences & Exhibitions in Ajman University.

It was not only when Su Hyun, Sang Ho, Woo Sung, Sang Il, Se Bin and Tae Woong equally entered the hall from opposite sides and walked towards the stage while singing their title song You = Heaven, from their first single album Compass, that passionate fans released even louder screams at the sight of their favorite idols.

The six members took little a break to introduce themselves after singing their hit retro song Platonic Love and impressed their fans, officially known as Swings, with their choreography and signature music style.

Amid shrill hysteria, the members dressed in green and white attire continued to showcase their impeccably choreographed dance routines without losing vocal range, and even stepped off stage during one of their performance to get closer to enthusiastic fans.

During their free mini concert, Se Bin, the group’s purple-haired rapper, briefly demonstrated his Taekwondo skills to the crowd.

In attempt to get closer with their fans, each member handpicked one of multiple colorful sticky notes, filled with questions written by Swing, on a whiteboard, and invited the lucky questioners on stage to personally present them with a gift.

The photogenic group ended their concert by singing upbeat tracks Shall We Dance and The Star of Stars from their debut mini album and 4th repackaged mini album, respectively.

SNUPER delivered a fun, super performance with a total of seven songs and announced that they are set to release their new mini album April 24th.

Interview with …. Arab Shawol

You might have heard of SHINee, one of South Korea’s biggest K-pop boy bands. Formed by S.M. Entertainment, the quintet – Onew, Taemin, Jonghyun, Minho and Key – have gained popularity ever since their debut in the K-pop scene in 2008. This in return has earned the title ‘Princes of Kpop’ in their native country. Not only are they known for their complex dance moves, but they are considered one of the best live vocals K-pop groups. Their official color is Pearl Aqua.

They also have dedicated fans, who are referred to as Shawols, around the world and the MENA region is no exception. Since SHINee is coming to Dubai for the SMTown concert, I had a chance to interview admins of their official Arab Twitter fan account @SHINeeAR, to know more about SHINee’s fans, when they became interested in the K-pop group, what they like about each member and what they have planned for the concert in Dubai next month. Hi there, can you tell me more about yourself and the admins as well as the @SHINeeAR Twitter account? Why did you decide to create the SHINee fan account?

follow site Uhood: Hello, my name is Uhood from SA, admin in SHINeeAR since 2012.

SHINeeAr started as a way to help fans know more about SHINee and we are thrilled to have been active for so long, since 2010 to date.

hook up piping Hind: Hello, my name is Hind from UAE, admin of SHINeeAR since 2014.

binaire opties aandelen Taghreed: Hello, my name is Taghreed from SA, admin of SHINeeAR since 2015.

I started translating at this account because I really love SHINee and I want people who love them to know their latest news etc. Who are your followers? (Nationality, gender, age groups etc…)

We have 91% of the followers are females and 9% are males.

The followers from all of States Arabic, but the most is from Saudi Arabia, Emirates and Iraq. There are also followers from Turkey, Sweden and USA.

The ages range between 17-29 years old.

binary option strategies What made you become interested in SHINee? Uhood: Lucifer MV. gute charts für binäre optionen Hind: I saw Ring Ding Dong MV and I thought they were so cool.. after that, I searched for their videos and I fell in love with them.

click Taghreed: I knew SHINee since I was really young and I liked their music so much. Then I got to know who they are and how their relationship and their personalities and how hardworking they are. They’re always making me feel overwhelmed and happy.


watch “The members are just so caring about shawols (SHINee fans). SHINee is one of the most caring groups when it comes about the fans” – Uhood When would you say you first became a Shawol?

follow site Uhood: already know SHINee since 2008, they were the first group I heard and I became a fan of SHINee since 2010.

Hind: I liked them since 2010 but I think that I became a true shawol in 2012.

how to buy provera online Taghreed: I became a shawol since 2010 after I saw their Ring Ding Dong MV.


buy bystolic online What do you like most about each member?

cheapest fluoxetine Uhood: Ummm …I love SHINee so much because their relationship is so amazing. They all love each others and you can see that they are real friends, like brothers.

Hind: I like their personalities and their visuals but if I have to specify (the first thing I like about each member):

Jinki: his smiling face
Jonghyun: his eyes and his gaze
Kibum: his style
Minho: his charismatic personality
Taemin: his childish and baby face

But honestly I like and love everything about them.

Taghreed: I love how they are so respectful and polite and hardworking even after 10 years of their debut, onew is always happy and giving people around him this warm feeling. Jonghyun is so talented and hardworking and kind. Key is so hardworking and he is always doing new stuff and trying to communicate with the fans in any possible way. Minho is so soft and heartwarming. He always takes care of everyone around him. Taemin is so talented and hardworking. He always tries new stuff and really knows how to make the fans happy.

How is SHINee different from other K-pop boy groups? What do you like most about them?

Uhood: The members are just so caring about shawols (SHINee fans). SHINee is one of the most caring groups when it comes about the fans.

Hind: I don’t know how and why they are different but they are so talented.. after loving them I lost my interest in other groups.. I like their music and their songs.. I like their vocals and their harmony.. I like the way they move and dance.. I like their strong relationship and their personalities.. I like their polite behavior with us and with others.. I like everything about them..

Taghreed: To me, SHINee is so different because their music is different, their relationship is different and their aims are different, they REALLY love shawols and they really care about them and they are so polite and respectful to everyone.


“I’m really looking forward to SHINee’s reactions because they will see that they have alot of fans in Arabic countries who are waiting for them and will support them no matter what” – Taghreed

Any projects (posters, fan chants etc…) you’ll be working on for the SM Town concert that you can share with us?

We’re still in the planning stage, but, yeah this year is SHINee’s 10th anniversary of debut 😉

What are you looking forward to mostly from their performance?

Uhood– Looking forward to SHINee’s live performance of Replay.

Hind– I think that their performance will blow my mind … I’m looking forward to it.

Taghreed–  I’m really looking forward to SHINee’s reactions because they will see that they have alot of fans in Arabic countries who are waiting for them and will support them no matter what.

Have you worked on any other projects for SHINee? If so, what are they?

There are some projects we did with international fans, but we are preparing for the most important project. Will be announced later.

If you had the chance to meet SHINee, what would you tell them?

Uhood: I will tell them I love so much, I will always be with them and thank you for giving my life a taste.

Hind: I won’t have the ability to speak!! But if it happens, I want to express my feelings and my love to them + I will support them always and I will stand by their side. Also, I want them to know that they were my strength when I had a hard time and I’m really proud of them. They are my hope. I’M PROUD TO BE A SHAWOL.

Taghreed: I will tell them that I really love them and I’m so proud of them and glad to be their fan.

Lastly, is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked?

I’d like to thank @ArabJongYu @Arabtaemints for helping all fans in Arab countries to get SHINee’s albums and goods and thank you to @ShawolSubTeam (arabic translation for SHINee’s videos and tvshow) @ArabJongYu @Arabkeybum @arabchoiminho and @Arabtaemints.

Instagram (SHINee_arab) and Twitter (@shin5545) and lets spread love to our shining boys and thank you Samar! I hope you are attending SMT’s concert and watch SHINee’s performance. You will enjoy with SHINee.

Interview with …. EXOinUAE

There’s a whole lot of excitement happening lately among K-pop fans in the Emirates. Why you might ask? Well it might be because one of South Korea’s hottest boy bands, who go by EXO, is coming down tomorrow to watch their song Power being played for the first time at the world’s largest choreographed fountain system, The Dubai Fountain.

EXO might be super talented and breaking records as they go, but the superstars have a loyal support of fans, who go by EXO-L or or EXO-LOVE, all over the world and their first to Dubai proves that the UAE is no exception.

I had the pleasure to interview Hend Jumah Al Ali, Fatima Omar Al Bannay and Sara Ahmed Ahmed, the head admins of @EXOinUAE, UAE’s first official EXO fanbase on Twitter, and discuss in-depth their love for EXO, why they created a fan account in the UAE, their song Power being played at The Dubai Fountain and much more.


Hi there, can you tell me more about yourself and the @EXOinUAE Twitter account?

Hend J.: Hello, @EXOinUAE is the first UAE Fanbase for the K-pop boy group “EXO”. Our account focuses on fan projects and EXO important updates.


Why did you decide to create an EXO fan account in the UAE? Who are the admins?

Hend J.: Almost all EXO’s Arabic fanbases accounts are dedicated to all Arab countries in general. Most of the international fanbases try to prove their selves as a fandom in that specific country to get more recognition as a fanbase. Therefore, we decided to open this account to gather all UAE EXO fans to do fan projects, supports, share updates and fangirl over EXO together.

This way UAE EXOL (EXOL is EXO’s fandom name) will get recognized by our favorite group and they will know more about the country and the fandom.

After opening this account and starting our own projects we received many messages saying that they are so happy about the UAE fanbase account and they never knew that there are this many EXO fans in the UAE-Dubai since no one ever talked about it before. We admins would like to thank all of those who supported us and kept on sending us sweet and encouraging messages it really means us a lot.


“The statistics of our account followers shows that there is a great number of fans in the UAE. In addition to those who do not use social media accounts but yet they are part of the fandom”- Sara A.


Who are your followers? (Nationality, gender, age groups etc…)

Hend J.: Our account Data shows that the TOP 3 nationalities of our followers are Emiratis, Saudis and Filipinos who are currently living in the UAE.

Most UAE followers comes from Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Ras Al-Khaimah. In addition to the followers from the other emirates.

93% of the followers are females while 7% are males, The age range of the followers is between 18 to 26 years old.


What made you become interested in the K-pop group?

Fatima O.Prior to the debut of the group, I was interested in Korean culture, dramas and songs. In 2012, I saw EXO’s first stage with the song MAMA in a music show, I loved their song so I decided to listen to their album and watch other shows they guested on. I started liking their personalities and loving their talents. I searched more about them and got to know their names and position in the group. I was admiring all of the member’s talent and personalties even though I was trying to choose one favourite member (which is pretty common in K-pop).


Is there a big EXO fanbase in the UAE? 

Sara A.As far as we know yes, there is a large number of EXO fans in the UAE. The statistics of our account followers shows that there is a great number of fans in the UAE. In addition to those who do not use social media accounts but yet they are part of the fandom.


It’s been announced that EXO’s song ‘Power’ has been chosen as the first K-pop song to ever be played at The Dubai Fountain. How did you feel when the news came out? Were you expecting this?

Sara A.: Actually, a few months ago (during EXO’s 5th Anniversary) the admins had an idea of playing one of EXO’s song in The Dubai Fountain and we started contacting several companies and people who are responsible of the music played at the fountain. In 16-11-2017 we woke up in the morning with the news of Power being the first Korean song to be played at The Dubai Fountain! We were shocked and happy at the same time because finally our dream that we have been working on for months is coming true.

Additional comment: Many fans have misunderstood that we were the reason the song is featuring the dubai fountain. The actual thing is we were trying so hard and we were contacting everyone to feature one of their song at the fountain for their 5th anniversary! However, we didn’t have the pleasure of getting the approval!


How was the response of the public afterward? 

Sara A.: Most of the people around us who knew that we are EXO fans started congratulating us whether it was in university, work or on twitter. EXOL from all around the world were talking about the news in their social media accounts and they were admiring the beauty of The Dubai Fountain and loving the idea of EXO’s Power being the first Korean song to be played there. In addition to the Korean fans who were going crazy and wishing to visit Dubai just to witness the event.


Do you think it’s a major accomplishment for EXO and for K-pop in general, especially in Dubai and in the Emirates? How so?

Sara A.Considering a country that is not widely introduced to the Korean culture and art, it is surely a major accomplishment to play a Korean song in one of the most visited sites in Dubai. It is also considered as one of the major achievements in EXO’s career considering them being one of the most popular groups in Korea nowadays. This event might open a door to the Korean culture to fully introduce itself to the UAE and Arabs in general and many major events might follow this step.


Were you satisfied with the choice of song? If not, any other recommendations?

Sara A.: Absolutely, Power is the most recent EXO song from their latest album “The War: Power of music” which sold more than 1M copies in a very short time. Power is an existing EDM song that can suit everyone’s taste. The song talks about how we can become stronger and happier through music. However, EXO has so many songs with a slower tempo that suits the atmosphere of The Dubai Fountain and the Downtown area more such as Don’t  Go, lucky, First Snow (A song that suits the Christmas season) and walk on memories.


Have you managed to play any EXO songs on Dubai-based radio or work on any previous EXO-related projects in the UAE that we might have missed?

Hend J.: Actually, we have so many ideas on mind that we would like to do. However, we have been trying to do different projects but we could not get enough help and support from the companies here in the UAE. Nevertheless, we as the first EXO fanbase were doing group orders for EXO’s albums and official goods for the EXO-L living in the UAE. In addition to some successful projects in Korea and we are planning for more.


“I love the fact that they’re talented boys who work hard for their fans and never complained about it in front of us fans” – Hend J.


What makes EXO stand out from the rest of other K-pop groups/artists?

Sara A. and Fatima O.: First, EXO debuted with a unique concept which was not used before and they continued in developing their concept through the years with their new music and MVs and made it look like a series of fictional novel. It became a tradition for the fans to write theories using EXO’s videos and music. Even though the EXO story is connected, EXO’s music is always different than their previous album. EXO have tried and showed so many different genres of music to the fans starting from electronics, R&B, EDM, Reggae to ballads and more.

Second, EXO is the first K-pop group of this generation that have sold over one million copies with each album they made since 2013 until now, making EXO the best-selling Korean artist in twelve years. There are over four million members registered in the official EXO fan club website “EXOL”. Also, EXO have won over 100 music program awards, received 21 Daesang awards, which known as an Asian grand prize award, best concert award in 2017, in addition to many different awards from different countries. EXO has entered the Guinness World Records 2018 for being the most Daesang winning artist at the MNET Asian Music Awards.

Lastly, EXO is known for their continues donations. They have collaborated with SPAO and donated some of their profits ($25,000) they made from shirts to UNICEF. Donated profits of their albums “For Life, Sing For You, EX’ACT, Dancing King” to charity. EXO member Lay has started a scholarship fund to assist students in achieving their dreams and he participates in the  ‘2016 Bazaar Star Charity Night’ by donating more than 10 emergency trucks. Also, EXO Member Chen designed the fourth concert goods and he donates all of its profits.


As an EXO-L, what do you like most about the K-pop group?

Hend J.: I love the fact that they’re talented boys who work hard for their fans and never complained about it in front of us fans, they can sing, dance and make their own music, they even prepare their own solo stages for their concert and some of the members went to the acting proficient and succeeded on it.We can always see their passion for music and dancing, I have been their fan since their debut in 2012 and i can totally see how much they worked hard to improve their skills.

The most thing that i like about EXO is “Their Love for EXO-L” I’ve been a fan of the Korean entertainment since 2008 and I’ve never seen a group who sincerely love their fans like EXO do. The relationship between EXO and their fans is on another level. There are many articles mentioning the special treatment EXOL’s get. Not saying that other groups don’t love their fans but I’m just saying that the way EXO treat their fans is so different from others in a good way. I also love that even though EXO are now one of the most successful groups they are still as kind and humble as they were before fame or even more. I totally respect these boys.


Any upcoming projects you’ll be working on that you can share? Any hopes of them coming down to Dubai for a concert?

Fatima O. Sara A.: We are in the stage of planning for so many project that we will do in the near future. We’re always looking for new and original projects to do. After the success of our previous projects such as sending cake for EXO members Chen and Xiumin in a Radio show, sending refreshments truck to the venue of EXO’s third concert in Korea which made us the first fanbase to support their fellow Korean fans which made the Korean fans so happy and surprised to the point that they wrote an article in their top search engine  “Naver” about the project “Arab Fans Generously Gift Concert Audience”. This year, we celebrated EXO’s 5th anniversary, so we prepared a gift video that was displayed in the biggest LED SCREEN in Gangnam-Korea. A few days ago, we sent a flower wreath to congratulate EXO on their 4th concert that just started.

EXO have talked about The Dubai Fountain in their recent press conference, and they are aware of the number of fans in the UAE so we are hoping and always trying our best to make UAE EXOL wish come true and be able to see their favorite group holding a concert in the UAE.


Have you been to any of their fan signings or concerts? If you had the chance to meet EXO, what would you say? 

Hend J.: I’ve been to EXO’s concert in February 2017 and it was the BEST experience in my whole life.

If i had the chance to Meet EXO in person I don’t think i would be able to say anything because I’m really bad at expressing my feelings. But i hope that they would know how much they’re important to me as they are my source of Happiness.

Fatima O.: I will always keep on loving and supporting you regardless of the distance separating us, EXO Let’s Love.

Sara A.: Thank you for being born.


Do you think K-pop is becoming known in the UAE compared to last year? Is the public noticing the music genre more?

Fatima O.: Of course, K-pop nowadays is more popular and recognized here in UAE. After the major Korean event (KCON) that was held in Abu Dhabi happened, we noticed that so many people were introduced to K-POP and started enjoying the music. Al-Arabiya news new segment that features different Korean entertainment fields also helped in rising the number of people interested in the culture. EXO was the first group to be interviewed in this section and the rating of the episode increased by 80%.


Lastly, is there anything you’d like to share that I haven’t asked?

Nothing more Ms. Samar but we would like to thank you for choosing us for this interview and for giving us the opportunity to express our feelings. It’s a great pleasure to be part of spreading the K-POP culture in the UAE.

For more updates and upcoming projects, you can follow them on Twitter @EXOinUAE and on their website

EXO Fan Art You Need to See Pt.1

It’s official! The K-pop mega-group EXO will be coming down to Dubai Tuesday, January 16th for the premiere of their hit song Power, which will be played at the world’s largest choreographed fountain, The Dubai Fountain.

EXO are the first Korean artists to be featured at Dubai’s famous fountain show. In honor of them coming down to the Emirates, I’ve put together a list of the best EXO fan arts on Instagram:

Happy Holidays from the kims and sehun ❣

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#exofanart #chen #oilpainting #drawing #exo #kpopfanart

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Note: All above images are from the users’s respective Instagram accounts.

10 of the Best BTS Fan Arts On Instagram

BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy group, have been taking over the world ever since their historic win at this year’s Billboard Awards for Top Social Artists and have been breaking the mold of the K-pop music industry through their socially conscious, catchy music. Aside from BTS’s recent name change in English (from Bulletproof Boy Scouts to Beyond the Scene),which has caused quite a stir among BTS fans, ARMYS, here are some of the best fan art found on Instagram you have to check out:

1. @lyechii

2. @butteurhoney


3. @kpopfanart98


4. @ramyuniicomics


5. @quiversarrow


6. @pvstelclxuds


7. @mochiddeok


8. @xovitaaxo


9. @mintyoon09


10. @bemywingsbts

Note: The above images are screenshots of users’s respective Instagram accounts.

Image Attribution – Photo by John LimFlickrCC BY-NC 2.0.