5 Journalism and TV-Themed Korean Dramas

Wanting to change up your series list, opting for dramas that revolve around journalism and media? Look no further! Let me introduce you to Korean dramas, aka South Korean dramas. K-dramas are very popular …

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TV Review: Better Late Than Never

So imagine four cultural icons in their seventies along with a young tech-savvy comedian navigating Asia with no schedules, itineraries, assistants, translators etc…

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Cheese In The Trap (치즈인더트랩)

Based on a webcomic, Cheese in the Trap is a South Korean TV drama that depicts the complicated yet realistic relationship between two university students.

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TV Shows Every ’90s Kid Watched in Dubai

Before there were online streaming sites such as Netflix and Stan, children of the ’90s (including myself) would wait eagerly on our couches to watch…

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