Gretchen Röehrs

Remember when your mom would used to tell you to never play with food and to always eat your vegetables? Thanks to Gretchen Röehrs, she changed that concept to a whole new level. The San Francisco-based illustrator incorporates fresh produce, products and other edibles into her mini-portrait sketches of women, making her stand out from other so-called foodie Instagrammers. Because of her whimsical fashion illustrations, it’s no surprise she is social media’s most fashionable foodie. Read my interview with the the illustrator: conviene operazioni binarie Can you share a little but about your artistic origin? What led you do what you’re doing now?

I studied fashion design in school, and illustration was a huge part of my education. It’s the part I love the most.

source You offer such an interesting and unique combination of food and fashion, something that no one has ever done, tell me about the inspiration behind this?

The inspiration for my series on food and fashion came from the similarities I see in the curves of women’s bodies and the organic lines in nature. It was easy for them to come together. Your illustrations are very aesthetic and eye-catching, especially on social media! How do you make your work so appealing at the same time keep followers interested?

It’s something I’ve struggled with — but ultimately if I only produce work that I think will keep my followers interested I get bored and frustrated. I’ve found that planning stuff is damaging to my process. What’s the most challenging thing when both illustrating and working with fruits and vegetables?

Not eating my art materials! You’d be featured in Harper’s Bazaar, Vogue, The Huffington Post, Seventeen, to name a few. How did that happen? How has that been for you?

It all happened by word of mouth, I’ve been very lucky with the attention publications have given me.

“I’ve learned to always go weirder — people love weird” Could you tell us a little bit about your creative process and  see url how long does it take to complete one piece of art, especially when working with fruits and vegetables?

It’s a very quick process — usually I lay a piece of produce down and just draw around it. Are their certain illustrators you’re inspired by? If so, who?

I love the photographer Irving Penn, who really revolutionized the world of still life photography. David Downton is my favorite illustrator!

see url What motives or influences you when illustrating?

Classic shapes in fashion.

site de rencontre 50 60 ans What are some of your favorite illustration projects or clients you have worked with over the years?

Illustrating for the New York Times was a dream.

rencontre femme marocaine marrakech What do you love most about your job?

The freedom to dream.

follow link What have you learned throughout your career?

I’ve learned to always go weirder — people love weird.


buying lexapro online Let’s conclude off with a few quick ones:

  • Favorite fashion designer: delpozo
  • Hardest food to work with: eggs
  • Easiest food to work with: bananas
  • Favorite color to work with: yellow


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