I Have This Thing With Floors

  Selfies are so yesterday when it comes to this talked-about, eye-pleasing Instagram account! The eyes are trained to always look up, yet when we walk over beautifully designed tiles and aesthetic flooring, taking selfeets (selfie + feet) never crosses our mind.

  I Have This Thing With Floors proves that flooring is never boring and their hashtags #ihavethisthingwithfloors has been sweeping the world of Instagram. It all started in June 2014 when three Dutch friends Pien van Wijmen, Josha Jansen & Edith Beurskens went out for a drink in a bar.

How did the idea of ‘I Have This Thing With Floors’ strike you all and how you went about it?

We are 3 dutch friends, living in Amsterdam and we have this thing with floors…..

In June 2014, when we were having drinks in a bar in Amsterdam, we decided to do something with our shared passion for beautiful floors, and we started an Instagram account named @ihavethisthingwithfloors. We wanted our account to be a platform where people from all over the world could find and share the most beautiful floors they came across.

Together with our 788.000+ followers we have created a strong platform for floor and shoe lovers worldwide where we daily share the most beautiful and inspiring floors from all over the world. And we are still steadily growing every day….

Describe ‘I Have This Thing With Floors’ in one word.


When did you first notice it was picking up steam

That must have been a few months after we started. Not sure how long, but there were days that we woke up and that we gained over 30.000 followers in one night! It was after Reese
Witherspoon posted a picture, and tagged us. She was one of the first celebrities who promoted us, that felt really special!

What sets your niche account apart from others similar to yours?

We are a platform: anyone who makes a pretty picture of a floor has the chance to be featured. This makes our account not just ours: it’s a co-creation! And other than that, we stick to our plan: sharing feet on beautiful floors. It’s so simple, maybe that is why it is so successful.

I’d imagine you receive hundreds of #ihavethisthingwithfloors. How do you choose what images to repost? What is the process?

We really just pick the picture that inspires us the most at that moment. Reason for picking could be color, print, design, light, originality…. anything! And the funny thing is: we surprise each other too. Sometimes Josha shares a stunning pictures that Pien or Edith would not have picked themselves, but fits the profile perfectly. And vice versa off course. There are so many great pictures every day… with more eyes, we see more! Also, this keeps our page fresh and full of surprises. We like it this way 🙂

‘I Have This Thing With Floors’ is world known and has even reached celebrities such as Reese Witherspoon. What’s the secret to keeping that momentum and traffic to local and international followers?

No secret… we’re just lucky that everyone loves a great floor! Famous or not…. Pretty floors are a great source of inspiration for a lot of people. And we’re happy to be able to spread this inspiration on a daily basis.

What do you think is the best social media strategy for getting more visitors and encouraging people to #ihavethisthingwithfloors? 

We’ve been very active with sharing our own hashtag, liking other ‘floor lovers’ pictures and, very important, sharing other people’s beautiful pictures. This helped us a lot in the first period of our account. We were actually surprised so many people loved our idea and picked it up! We did not plan on growing this big, but maybe this is because we grew: we just wanted to share pictures of beautiful floors: no commercial idea behind it or hidden agenda! 🙂

How do you motivate yourself to keep the Instagram account up and running?

Since we are with 3 ladies, we can ‘share’ the work! Which makes it more fun and easy to work on, we believe.

Have there been any mistakes along the way that you have learnt from?

No big mistakes…. but we’ve sometimes mixed up names or tagged the wrong person. Luckily this is easy to fix with instagram: you just change the copy and you’re done!

Is your account a full-time job or a more of a hobby?

More of a hobby, that’s how we’d like to see it anyway. All 3 of us have full time job next to this account. It does take some of your time, so maybe it sometimes feels like more than just a hobby. But since we are with the 3 of us, we are lucky we can share the workload ;-).

We are huge fans of your Instagram. Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving an aesthetically awesome Instagram page? Any social media tips? 

We like the fact that our page is created together with all our followers. We are not just the ones who take the pictures: mostly we regram pictures of our followers, which makes them co creators as well! Tips could be: go co-create, ask people to contribute, give them a platform. That is what we strive to do, and it all worked out well.

You can follow ‘I Have This Thing With Floors’ on Instagram @ihavethisthingwithfloors

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