International Films Are Important Too!

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see Most film websites cover both Hollywood and international film news/reviews, but till today, there are rarely sites that include global films on the front page and sites that mainly focus on foreign-language films.

follow url rencontre femme cap vert The way film websites are designed and organised plays an important role. 

source site Visitors read Web pages in an F-shaped pattern. So, the articles that are placed at the top of the page are what we are most likely to click on and read. Let’s take the American film site The Hollywood Reporter as an example. The major headlines are usually related to the Hollywood film industry news, but global film news/reviews aren’t visible on the front page. Given the title of the website, it’s likely that they’re placed at the bottom of the site. Maybe it’s a good idea to create a separate page? Unlike THRVariety is a great example of a perfect film site by the way it’s organised and structured. It has a USLatinoGlobal and Asian edition. So anyone who is interested in the Asian film industry, for instance, can read the latest and breaking news/reviews in Asia. Separating the pages like Variety did is a good idea if visitors don’t want to read global or local content in one page.

follow site Although Variety does have different pages for international and local readers, why is the US page the main page when we google Variety? It seems reasonable that it’s an American site and that Hollywood content is included on the front page. Wouldn’t it be better if they included both American and foreign news/reviews in one main page?  That way visitors are given a variety of choices to choose from and it gives international news/reviews more exposure and clicks.

go to link Also, readers might even enjoy reading the latest international reviews, if it were on the main page, and end up watching a lot of foreign-language movies. There should be more film websites that cover only international film industry news/reviews.

For my Journalism Entrepreneurship in New Media class at The University of Melbourne this semester, I had to create a website based on a niche topic.

Before creating one, I researched and noticed that there weren’t any websites that included any foreign-language film content, so I decided to create The Film Variety, a film site dedicated to reviewing international films only. Of course, Hollywood films were not included!

can you buy duphalac over the counter My aim was to expose more diverse content to film fanatics or just regular people who are interested in motion pictures. The more they read the film reviews or any other content online, the greater possibility they will actually watch the film. There’s so much you can learn from foreign-language film content online.

buy wellbutrin xl online no prescription The way I divided the reviews depending on the countries is also helpful for visitors.

buying zyban online It’s a shame that sites like the one I created rarely exists on the internet.

I loved every minute of creating my site! Reading about films and reading different reviews on different sites online was so educational and intriguing.

Slowly after I started posting reviews onto my site, I received positive feedback  from visitors on my personal email. They expressed their interest in the way my site was only targeted to reviewing only international films using a podcast and also adding fun facts, movie details and film quotes that other sites may have not covered.

Hollywood blockbuster films may be popular yet international films are the ones we should give credit to. Did you know that The Magnificent Seven is a remake of a 1954 Japanese film? Also, did you know that the box office is slowly declining and the Chinese movie business is expected to be the ‘world’s largest market for film’s 2017? You can read more about it and the box office decline here.

Sometimes it’s ideal to build awareness of films news other then the usual Hollywood buzz. I have to admit that Hollywood films news/reviews are what we mainly read but do give the international industry a chance as well. You might end up enjoying it more, like I do.

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