Interview with Mais Mustafa

For my first interview post, I had the pleasure to interview the lovely go site Mais Mustafa, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in Dubai. She shares with me everything from her blog and fashion blogging to her future plans.

get link Please introduce yourself…

I am a 28 year old Iraqi Computer Engineer who decided to share her love for fashion even  though it has nothing to do with her career.

follow url How did your blog come about?

I started off with a private account and I was growing it slowly by selectively accepting friend requests. Then after a few years I realized that if I want to grow and be noticed by different brands, I’m going to need to go public otherwise no one will notice or know who I am. What makes you stand out from the rest of the fashion bloggers in the UAE?

Of course all of us have a lot of similarities, but I feel that I am a very honest blogger and I don’t like to fake anything, which is something not everyone has. Each blogger has her way of course and I respect all of them, and my growth might be slow compared to many others but I am happy with the people I have and have met thanks to Instagram! You have around 65,000 followers and counting on Instagram! What’s your secret?

Haha it is actually super slow in my eyes but I am grateful for reaching this far. As I mentioned before I started this years ago through a private account so I think that helped me a lot(the fact that some people already knew who I was). Do you have any favourite Instagram posts since you started blogging?

I have many haha I would have to go through a 1000 pictures to rememeber them though.

source site Any international fashion bloggers/influencers you follow?

I do follow a few. I am very inspired by their photos actually and wish that my pictures would look like theirs. They look so professional and well done!

go to link What famous brand have you worked with or would you like to collaborate with and why?

I have worked with brands such as Swarovski, Max Factor, Huawei and many others. But my dream is to work with brands such as Dior because they are my favorite and getting to work with them means I’ve done well and reached a high level in my social media career.

here What advice would you give aspiring fashion bloggers?

Always be yourself and don’t try too hard. People will get to see you and love you for who you are.

Any plans or exciting new projects for this year? (Anything different we will be seeing on your blog and social media platforms)

The most exciting thing you will be seeing this year on my Instagram is my baby! I am currenly 7 months pregnant and very excited. My Instagram will witness a bit of a change this year and I am going to try and do fashion and mommy blogging as well! Hopefully it all goes well. I also have a few exciting collaborations pending.

source link …. and lastly, anything you’d like to share with the readers?

I just want to thank the people who have supported me from day one and always gave me advice about how to develop myself and my account, and thank you Samar for this interview!

You can follow Mais Mustafa on her Instagram @mais.mustafa, Facebook @mais.mustafaf, and blog Mais Mustafa. note: all answers are original and unaltered

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