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Have you ever heard of Mimz Blog? Mariyam is a fashion, beauty & lifestyle blogger currently based in Dubai. Other than blogging, she is also a designer of Mimz Collection. Read below my interview with Mariyam to get to know her more:

Can you start by telling us a bit about yourself?

My Name is Mariyam and I was born and raised in Dubai. I started my business by designing (Mimz Collection) and now I do blogging as well. Therefore, my Instagram page is now called

When and why did you start blogging?

Blogging along with designing have always been my passion. I started blogging 3 months ago with the intention and main reason of helping other businesses grow by creating more brand awareness

Describe ‘Mimz blog’ in one word.


How do you decide what fashion or beauty products to review or attend?

The fashion or beauty products have to be aligned with my business’s strategy to ensure that my page gets the right reputation.

Are there any fashion bloggers you follow? If so, can you please name a few?

I adore few, but at the same time I like being unique and exclusive

What have you learned from your blogging experience?

I learned that no matter where you start, you can always achieve what you want if you are passionate and determined

Can you tell me more about your fashion collection? Where did your inspiration come from? 

My fashion collection revolves around the idea of affordable luxury whether it is the Arabic traditional wear or western casual wear. The inspiration came in believing that all girls are beautiful and they deserve the best. That’s why, Mimz Collection was created to meet these needs by delivering high end quality at an affordable price

Who or what are your designs influenced by?

The designs are influenced by 4 pillars: modernism, style, affordability, and luxury.

Why did you decide to create your own fashion label?

I believe that the need for affordable luxury always exists, therefore, all girls should know how beautiful they are even if they can’t afford the high designer brands. I wanted to provide this while ensuring the quality meets the expectation of the consumers.

Do you follow trends or make your own?

Of course, when it comes to fashion, you have to continuously keep up with the trends and provide something that the consumer demands, while keeping in mind to be unique

Do you have a favorite outfit?

Yes. I love jumpsuits

How do you manage your time efficiently?

Time management is essential to every business owner. Therefore, I always set out my priorities at the beginning of the week and I work according to that schedule so that I don’t miss out on the important things that need to be done

What’s the biggest challenge of being both a blogger and designer?

I guess the biggest challenge is having to be in few places, all at the same time. Therefore, this is where prioritizing really helps

Do you have any tips or tricks for achieving an aesthetic Instagram page and launching a fashion collection?

Understand what your followers want and deliver that with consistency

You can follow Mariyam on her Instagram

note: all answers are original and unaltered

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