EXO Fan Art You Need to See Pt.2

Only four days till the arrival of K-pop boy band EXO! Here are some EXO fan art I happen to stumble on on Instagram:



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Note: All above images are from the users’s respective Instagram accounts.

EXO Fan Art You Need to See Pt.1

It’s official! The K-pop mega-group EXO will be coming down to Dubai Tuesday, January 16th for the premiere of their hit song Power, which will be played at the world’s largest choreographed fountain, The Dubai Fountain.

EXO are the first Korean artists to be featured at Dubai’s famous fountain show. In honor of them coming down to the Emirates, I’ve put together a list of the best EXO fan arts on Instagram:

Happy Holidays from the kims and sehun ❣

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Note: All above images are from the users’s respective Instagram accounts.

Freak Drawer

Whenever I see eye-catching talent online, I always have this urge to showcase them to more online users despite their number of following or likes, which seems to be an important dilemma in today’s society. So I came upon this Instagram account called Freak Drawer. I was amazed by the illustrations that I had to contact the owner and get them on The Samar Project. His account goes by ‘Freak Drawer’ but his real name is Widi.

While he’s currently 21 year olds, he’s had a love for drawing ever since he was 9 and had started drawing people when in middle school.

“My first ever real face drawing was Emma Watson with her Hogwarts uniform,” Widi adds. “I learnt how to draw chibi characters since the end of  2014 and I started with WINNER characters”.

“There are a lot of differences betwen the members, so it helps me to draw the different characters as well”.

Now he has over 20,000 followers on Instagram. Here are some things you need to know about fan artist Widi …

He usually draws…

Sometimes I draw my favorite scene from an Asian drama, or my favorite k-pop band. At the first time, I draw chibi just to make the funny scene or to tell about what I see on a picture. For example, there is a WINNER member that sits on a suitcase and the other tries to push him. So, I make the characters look like they are rushing to the “comeback” door. Or my prediction about the next episode of the drama”.

 Software used to draw characters …

Photoshop and SAI. A lot of fan artists use both softwares because it can blend the colors easily.

Amount of time it takes to finish a drawing…

For the sketch, I can finish it in 10-15 minutes, but I take too long making the outline and choosing the color. I have to watch the scene or look at the picture to make sure the color looks alike. I need 2 hours and I spend 3 hours to make a realistic sketch.

Discusses whether he draws for a living or just a hobby…

I do draw for commision but I was scolded by my mom because I took a lot of commision that made me forget about school. Sometimes I take the opportunity to draw for people if I want and have freetime. So, I draw chibi just after I watch a drama or performance in my free time.

Favorite drawings are..

My favorite artwork? I don’t know, I love all of my drawings. I draw with my heart XD

Drawings that get the most likes on Instagram is…

I’m not sure, I guess the one with a romantic scene or a funny scene.

Like all artists, he worries that some people might steal his work …

That is one of the reasons why I put a lot of watermark on my work. More than 20 online shops stole my fanarts and sold it already. They even erased my watermark.

Inspiration comes from… 

For now, Song Mino of WINNER. He even drew a very cool character with strong expression when he was only 13. I saw his drawing book on TV in 2014. He can draw freely without getting scared to make the wrong line.

Finally, Widi would love to meet…

WINNER of course, I love them. The songs, performances, dances, and I want to see how tall I am if I stand between them.

Check out his illustrations on his Instagram and Twitter.

Note: The above images are screenshots Widi’s Instagram accounts.

10 of the Best BTS Fan Arts On Instagram

BTS, a seven-member South Korean boy group, have been taking over the world ever since their historic win at this year’s Billboard Awards for Top Social Artists and have been breaking the mold of the K-pop music industry through their socially conscious, catchy music. Aside from BTS’s recent name change in English (from Bulletproof Boy Scouts to Beyond the Scene),which has caused quite a stir among BTS fans, ARMYS, here are some of the best fan art found on Instagram you have to check out:

1. @lyechii

2. @butteurhoney


3. @kpopfanart98


4. @ramyuniicomics


5. @quiversarrow


6. @pvstelclxuds


7. @mochiddeok


8. @xovitaaxo


9. @mintyoon09


10. @bemywingsbts

Note: The above images are screenshots of users’s respective Instagram accounts.

Image Attribution – Photo by John LimFlickrCC BY-NC 2.0.