Why was Ghostbusters 2016 a Box Office Slop?

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rencontre ephemere signification With the birth of online film trailers (and YouTube), it has shifted the way we watch films for better or for worse. However, the way film trailers are edited along with online commentary can influence the success and critical reception of a film.

http://yankalillabakery.com.au/?kramarew=c%D0%93%D1%96mo-coquetear-a-una-mujer&579=ff A great example is the 2016 Ghostbusters movie that has gotten viewers detesting the trailer once it was released online.

enter According to The Hollywood Reporter, the Ghostbusters reboot is the most disliked film trailer in YouTube History. Although it has over 41 million views, it received more than 1 million dislikes and 300,000 likes on YouTube.

watch The negative comments the trailer received online almost ruined the potential of the film’s box office success. After all, a film’s success comes down to filmgoers, because they are paying for the entertainment.

rencontre 33470 THR reported that when Ghostbusters was released, it reached no.2 at the box office and earned $46 million the first week. Although the net production budget of the film is $144 million, Bloomberg News stated that the film lost around $58.6 million.

site de rencontre entre emo Viewers shared their opinions in YouTube’s comments section. One viewer wrote: “The only good thing about this trailer was the first 17 seconds of it.” Another wrote: “Worst movie trailer ever.”

http://backyardgardensjoseph.com/?bioener=what-to-know-when-dating-a-british-man&45e=a9 Even Melissa McCarthy, who stars in the new Ghostbusters reboot, said the trailer was confusing and wasn’t the greatest representation of the film.

http://oaklearners.ca/?pimakerey=site-de-rencontre-avec-activit%D0%93%C2%A9s&bd7=bd Overall, this shows that it all comes down to the viewers.

follow I would just stick to watching the first Ghostbusters film.

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